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"Meravigliosa creatura,
sei sola al mondo,
meravigliosa paura
di averti accanto,
occhi di sole
bruciano in mezzo al cuore
amo la vita meravigliosa.
("Meravigliosa Creatura" Gianna Nannini)

Well, here is now!:) Where I was given a chance to create and develop a tool that I have really been wanting to do for some time, learning new patterns, Perl language and gaining priceless experience!
I'm very-very thankful and happy!

I can spend the summer discussing, designing, colouring, learning, coding... There is a Google Summer of Code project where Google gives stipends to students. The students in parallel contribute to Open Source projects they were accepted to. And I'm very happy to be one of those students - create an online Dreamwidth calendaring functionality. I'd love to make it not an ordinary tool, not only a practical tool, but give this a thing, thought (and perhabs more descriptions beginning with 'th' :P).

I'm thankful for the upgraded account, for every tip during the application time, for getting the possibility of being the Dreamwidth GSoC student, for Your help, mentoring and everything!
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Thought :

Laughter gives us
distance. It allows us to step back from an event, deal with it and then move
on. (
Bob Newhart)

I'm taking some steps to apply to Google Summer of Code: I'd like to write a calendar functionality for Dw Users. I thougth (as Cesy advised) that maybe I'd write about that in my journal - in case someone more would like to comment this (criticism is welcome:P), answer the questions or outline her/his special requirements:)

Well - the whole thing is described here on dw-dev (

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"I guess somebody up there likes me." Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Today is the Easter Monday:) Besides it's a holiday in my country, there's also a quite specific tradition celebrated in Slav countries today. In Poland it's called Śmingus-Dyngus or Wet Monday (Lany Poniedziałek)!

Today you should be aware of the fact, that anyone could pour the water on you: it could be a handful of water or the whole bucket of it. At my home it often turns into a water battle! There can be specialized weapon used -as there's a quite developed Śmingus-Dyngus weapon market nowadays; however I prefer a bottle with a holed cap.

The etymology of the "śmingus" comes from the days when on Easter Monday women were stroked by  willow trees' twigs (it is still practiced in the villages) which, despite the fact of being stroked, was nice as it was a kind of showing interest in a lady. Later on women begun ransoming themselves with sweets and painted eggs. And there is where the word "dyngus" come from - it was adopted from German's "dingen".

Though you may not feel funny being soaked to the skin, it's always funny to recall this situation after a few years. And of course it is always fun to those, who are pouring over:P This day is a quite good reason to conduct a water war:P

So I wish you getting wet today!
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"Live in a way that your fellows will get bored when you die." (J.Tuwim, the Polish poet)

Between making one cake and another for my (usually very heavy) Easter table (as I've got a pretty big family:) ), while trying to save at least a bit of that pogies from my siblings, I recalled some interesting curiosities about cryptography that I've recently come across.


The beginning of cryptography is probably dated around 2000 B.C. in Egypt, where encrypted hieroglyphics were used to decorate the tombs of kings and rulers. Interestingly, it wasn't rather used to hide information from enemies, but just to make the writings more intriguing.
The first European cryptography is estimated to be used in Vth century B.C. as a spartan Scytale, a transcription cipher tool. It consisted of a leather with the written message and a cylinder that was the "key" to decrypt the cipher and was kept by officers.
The nominal method used in order to decrypt the information was to scroll the leather on the cylinder and read the phrases that made no sense while reading succeeding letters, but was mapped to the horizontal words after being scrolled on that special cylinder.

If it was safe in those days or not-I don't know. However - the main case that I wanted to focus on has its origins in IV c B.C. India:
One of the oldest information about transcription cipher are found in "Kamasutra". Kamasutra's writer, Vatsyayana, recommends that women should know 64 arts, such as cooking, dressing, make-up, massage, perfumes preparation, etc. Among these, there are also some less conventional ones like wizardry, chess playing, bookbinding or woodwork.
Meanwhile the position no. 45 is mlecchita-vikalpa, the art of encrypted handwriting, that would help women to hide their relationships and affairs.
(info - according to The Code Book, Simon Singh).
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Ok, it's my first entry:P
The Microphone Test: 1, 2, 3... POST!


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